In 1895, the Italian oenologist Federico Martinotti, from the Province of Asti, invented the world famous method for sparkling wine based on controlled fermentation in large vats.

20 miles away and a little over 50 years later, Acquesi was founded in Acqui Terme, Piedmont in 1952.

We have recently re-launched this brand with its iconic, Liberty Style design, dating back to the early 1900s from the city of Turin, Italy. Our unforgettable floral pattern symbolizes this period’s elegance and joy.

Acquesi is produced using Metodo Martinotti in which the brief secondary fermentation takes place in large vats, preserving all the natural aromas.

The must goes through a cold fermentation to achieve the proper balance of flavor, aroma, fruit, and delicate perlage.

Piedmont is a diverse region with many microclimates. Monferrato, in the Province of Asti, is one of the most famous grape-growing areas of Piedmont, and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Brachetto and Moscato grow well here in soils consisting mainly of limestone, calcareous clay, and marine minerals. This results in wines with great structure and typical Brachetto fruit.