With the Mack & Schuehle Group and our affiliated international partners we concentrate our profound expertise for your benefit. From growing to winemaking to filling – go with us all the way.

Apart from producing our own store brands we globally distribute top-quality producer brands from all major wine-growing regions worldwide. Already the No. 1 distributer of wines in the German-speaking markets we take pride in also applying our core competence to the distribution of our wines in the US market.

We serve customers from wholesale and retail, specialist shops, gastronomy and the HoReCa - sector.


Effectiveness and flexibility through direct shareholdings in and cooperation with producers

Comprehensive experience and profound knowledge all along the value and supply chain

Enormous portfolio consisting of our own store brands, producer brands and individual consumer brands

  • Comprehensive know-how and experience regarding every step along the value and supply chain – from grape to shelf

  • Economies of scope through subsidiaries and shareholdings 
  • Solid ties with production by running own production facilities and shareholdings in wineries

  • Strong economies of scale through firm embedment within the Mack & Schuehle Group